Soil Management Techniques - South East

This event has been organised by Natural England

Feb. 12, 2015: 09:30:00 - 13:30:00 | The Horseshoe Inn, Windmill Hill Road, Herstmonceux, BN27 4RU

CSF, Soil Management, Maize, Grassland

Soil Management Techniques...
for grassland/maize farmers

Date: Thursday 12th February
Time: 9:30am - 1:30pm
Venue: The Horseshoe Inn, Windmill Hill Road, Herstmonceux, BN27 4RU

Horseshoe Inn, Windmill Hill (including lunch). This workshop will look at and share information, hints and tips around soil management.
The speakers will cover the following topics
1) Soil Structure - the key dynamics (effect of stock on soils in winter)
2) Practical ways of assessing structural damage and how to remove it (close to waterways)
3) Making the best of machinery on grassland to apply inputs with the least amount of damage
The most fundamental aspect of farming is your soil, but are we making the most from it? A grassland enterprise brings its own set of challenges with livestock management as well as being able to harvest a crop of silage and hay from the field, what can be done to help manage the soil in those changeable conditions? Growing maize has its challenges as well, but what can be done to manage your soil more effectively? This workshop will look at these issues and provide some pointers on what you action you may consider as part of your soil management strategy.
- Lunch is provided and Basis points are available.

To book a place, please log on to or call your Catchment Sensitive Farming officer on 0300 060 3875.

Please call Robin Kelly, Catchment Sensitive Farming, Tel: 0300 060 3875 for further information.